Black Knight Hotpot
Since 1981, Black Knight has established itself as the hotpot-fan favourite in the bustling city of Taipei for close to 40 years. Many of these Black Knight “Warrior-Fans” even include Jay Chou, Director Ang Lee, A-Mei and other celebrities. Located at Millenia Walk (#02-02), Black Knight now presents its famously flavourful hotpot and signature dishes to guests here in Singapore.
自1981年于台北创店以来,近40年时间建立了不少簇拥者。许多明星如周杰伦、李安、张惠妹...等名人也都成为火锅店的"黑粉"。 如今位于美年广场的黑武士也将为宾客呈上美味火锅和菜肴。
Hotpot famed for its superior soups

Black Knight distinguishes itself with its highest-quality hotpot soup base. Every hotpot is served with a deep, rich broth simmered for 16 hours to perfection using only the freshest of raw ingredients. Experience tantalizing flavours such as Fish Maw Chicken Pot, Drunken Pot, Taro Spare Rib Pot, together with live seafood and premium meats like Wagyu and Prime Short Rib to enjoy a truly nourishing feast. Black Knight also offers superb value to lunch diners with its range of Chinese-style set meals such as the popular Taiwanese Minced Pork Rice Set and Beef Noodle Set.

以辣著称,以鲜著称,都不如这一锅从原材料开始把关熬煮16小时的高汤来作为锅底来的自信。如招牌花胶鸡锅、醉锅、芋头排骨锅等... 真材实料, 补充胶原蛋白,养生健脾,再加上鲜活海鲜,顶级肉品如:日本和牛、澳洲牛小排等等。还有提供中式菜肴及超值午餐套餐如台湾知名卤肉饭、牛肉面, 任您大快朵颐。

We are located at Millenia Walk (#02-02), where our talented team can't wait to serve you!